Thursday, September 12, 2019

It's hard out there for a hustler

Good Grief, I went on vacation and now its already fall! Kids are back in school, we were blessed with kittens and I have been doing the fall cleaning, Joys! Not.

Getting back into the swing of work has been tough, that tends to happen to the best of us when we have kids on break and crazy mom lives. Since my sons decided homeschooling wasn't for them, I am once again free during the day and have rearranged my schedule to reflect that.

As always feel free to use my method of madness to suit your own needs!

Cleaning Schedule:

Monday- Kitchen
Tuesday- Dining Room
Wednesday- Living Room
Thursday- Hallway & Bathroom
Friday- Bedroom
Saturday- Basement
Sunday- Laundry


10 am-12 pm Social Media Work
12 pm-2 pm Freelance
2 pm- 3 pm Coaching
4 pm-6 pm Freelance
7 pm-9 pm Coaching
10 pm- 12 am GPT

Notice I left a few time slots open? As I have mentioned in previous scheduling posts, I am not a morning person. I don't think the morning hours will ever work for me. There is also a matter of volunteer work at my sons' school, Dr. Appointments, coffee/lunch with friends, grocery shopping and showering daily.

I also take on a lot of freelance work because I like it. I enjoy breaking up my workday and doing different tasks throughout the day, otherwise, I would lose my ever-living mind. The ironic thing is that my whole business model is living and working frugally. One would think that bouncing from project to project would be considered a waste of precious time. Perhaps, but on the other hand, if it keeps me interested and I am helping my fellow humans, I am happy!

My goal is to avoid burning myself out. I take on only a few coaching clients at a time, and my freelance work is generally short term. I don't do well in "jobs" that have a boss looking over my virtual shoulder. I get bored and frustrated very easily.  I prefer gigs that I can log in and out and just make some easy money. NSA (no strings attached) gigs are much more up my alley.

The best part of running my own business is that I can mix and match and make my schedule work for me. I don't recommend quitting your "grown-up" job and jumping into a home business, but if it's your ultimate goal it can be done- Hit me up if you need help, it's what I do!

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