Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Coffee Cash AKA Beermoney- Gamer Style

If you have never heard of Coffee or Beermoney, it can be rather confusing to find your way around and figure out what is real and what is a scam. Essentially Beermoney or Coffee Cash as I like to call it is tasks, surveys, small gigs and the like that you get paid to do online. It is termed after a beer or coffee because it is surely not enough to count as a stable income to pay bills but will buy you a coffee or a beer!

Personally, I loathe surveys and clicking a ton of links. An email here and there to click is one thing but I am really not interested in spending hours clicking a bunch of links or answering surveys that never end so this post only focuses on sites that will pay you to play games, do searches and watch videos.

For more information on the plethora of other ways to make Coffee Cash visit Beermoney on Reddit!

Get Paid to Play & Watch Ads

As a general rule, I highly suggest making a new email for all of these sites, this will keep your inbox from getting junked up and you will be able to only "work" when you want! Remember, you will not get rich from this-Do NOT quit your day job! 

**Note: All of these sites have been vetted by many people on the subreddit Beermoney, if something goes awry, I will pull it immediately! 

InboxDollars Play for free and enter tournaments to win money in your account. Another cool perk about this site is that you get paid for clipping and using coupons, which makes this one my absolute favorite!

Swagbucks The downside of the gaming on this site is that you do have to pay into the game. They will credit you "SB" (Swagbucks) for buying things in the game, but I already pay for my WoW subscription, so I will pass on buying these in-game items. However, they do pay you for watching videos so its a quick way to make some coffee cash with a few minutes a day.

GAIN No games to play, but some videos to watch for quick coins.

InstaGC Again no games, but watching videos adds up! 

*Stay tuned for more once they are vetted! 

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