Sunday, July 21, 2019

Living the Chunk Life..

I am naturally a hot mess, I love to pretend I can "wing it" and be a super mom but when I "wing it" the world comes crashing down.

Although just for the record, I believe ALL moms are supermoms. We have a hella hard gig!

Anywho...Back to the topic at hand...Schedules.

Schedules are perhaps the hardest things to implement in my family. Nobody likes them and getting everyone on board is like fighting a pack of wolves. In an effort to simplify my life, and therefore be as frugal as possible with my own energy and pick my battles accordingly, I had to break down my own day into bite-sized chunks.

If you have not heard of this amazing way of living you are truly missing out my friend. To briefly explain the system of chunking, it is simply to take a large task and to break it into smaller tasks that can be done quickly. For instance, if like me you have a large family and you're the dishwasher you can quickly become overwhelmed with a pile of dinner dishes waiting to be washed. Instead of standing at the sink for hours scrubbing pots, I break each load into a smaller load: Plates and silverware, cups and bowels and finally pots and pans.

Sure, I still did a buttload of dishes but I was able to see the accomplishment as each load is complete and I broke it up enough that I was able to do something else in between that did not include crying inside.

A sample daily task list (for those who like visuals) based off of my own that you can adapt and change to suit your needs would be something like this:

I clean in 15-minute intervals and work in one-hour intervals, for me, this works as I feel like I accomplish a lot more and my attention doesn't divert to yet another mess to clean up. Notice how I break up cleaning because I hate it?

You can do chunking with any aspect of your home or life, and if you're into the idea of timing yourself or following an exact schedule you can make that work for you too.

Another thing about me is that I am a night owl by nature, and I am not at all a morning person. I tend screw off during the day and put the hard work in at night. You may be the complete opposite, and that's OK! What works for one does not work for all, but do me a favor and don't call before 11am!😋

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