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Lead Generation made simple-A free report written by yours truly!

Lead Generation made simple
A free report written by Mandie Cleary
MK Ultra Marketing Services LLC

No part of this report can be sold or altered. It is a free report and does not provide any income claims. You are welcome to redistribute this to your prospects provided it is not altered in any way.
Copyright 2018

If you are reading this you are probably in a Direct Sales, Network Marketing or some other similar role that you need to recruit team member or a downline and have burned through all your friends and family. If you are like many people you have tried everything to break the 9-5 J-O-B cycle, spending countless hours and dollars and making pennies.

What if I told you there was a better way? At this point, I can read your mind-something along the lines of, “yeah right?!” That’s ok, you have no reason to believe me. Like you, I am a work at home parent, paying bills and running a silly blog to help people live their bliss in life. If my system doesn’t help you, you have lost nothing but the time it took to read this report, all I ask is an open mind-not an open wallet!

I have watched hours upon hours of “free” webinars, read a plethora of books and reports on marketing techniques and methods to make mad cash overnight. Often, there is a gimmick, someone trying to sell a system. The same system that marketers have used for generations, Relationship Marketing.

Essentially the whole point of relationship marketing is to build a relationship with your prospect, gaining their trust and eventually they will buy. What these fancy Schmancy programs neglect to tell you is that sales are rarely closed overnight and that sometimes the sale never comes.  You can nurture a lead for years, and that prospect will never buy.

The benefit to these say internet marketing gurus selling you their “foolproof” methods to generate leads is that even though you didn’t sell anything, you still got leads and you are happy that the system worked, and they’re happy because they got paid A LOT.

On my blog, I strive to help people by presenting them with business ideas and how to operate those businesses frugally. I provide this as a free service to the work at home community, and freelance to help pay the bills. I am far from rich. However, I did spend twenty-five years in the sales industry and lead generation is a skill that I learned early on, although I loathe the idea of prospecting these days!

In that same light, the rest of this report will give you a step by step process that you can use repeatedly on any social media platform using your free time, effort, and on an “I am a single parent with rent to pay and toilet paper to buy” budget. What I will not do that those thousand-dollar programs will tell you exactly how to use tools and websites. I also will not tell you how to pitch, write ad contents, or do SEO. You will need to figure all of that out for yourself, I am not writing this to create competition for myself 😊.

Step 1:
Create a business page on Facebook and any other Social Media Platforms you plan on utilizing.
Step 2:
Figure out your target market. Are you trying to sell your product, build your downline or both?
Step 3:
Set up a free MailChimp account and create a list of prospects (buyers/downline).
Step 4:
Create a free HubSpot account and set up a landing page/call to action form.
Step 5:
Create an ad, not just any ad but an ad that will appeal to your target market. This ad should have a link to your landing page/call to action form as well as give them a reason to contact you!
**Free Tip**
Do not write an advertisement here about your business, write an ad that will help them. For instance, if you sell wrinkle cream, you want your ad to appeal to people who would use your product and should highlight the benefits of your product without mentioning the product itself.
Step 6:
Place your ad on Facebook or any other Social Media Platform. You can spend as much or as little money as you like on this.
Step 7:
Place those emails into your MailChimp list and send the requested information to them.
Rinse & Repeat

There you have it, the easiest full proof cheapest method on the internet to generate leads. As you start bringing in the cash, you can upgrade your tools and software choices. There are tons of great programs out there and more popping up every day.

Mandie Cleary
M&K Ultra Marketing Services LLC

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