Saturday, July 27, 2019

DIY Firestarters

The best part of any camping trip is the smell of a campfire, however starting the fire can be a bit of a chore if you aren't prepared for the worst. Things like wet wood, not enough kindle and rain can easily ruin your evening.

If you plan ahead a bit and add it to your camping checklist these DIY firestarters can be a lifesaver!

You will need:

Coffee Filters 
Empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls.

Place a piece of charcoal in the middle of a coffee filter

Wrap up the charcoal and stuff it into the empty roll

roll another coffee filter and stuff that inside leaving just a little bit hanging out so that it will be easier to reach when you are ready to light it.

And voila! You have an easy and frugal DIY firestarter! Just toss a couple of these in the fire pit, and build your fire. The charcoal will keep it going for hours! 

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