Friday, September 20, 2019

Buy the Case

If you have stumbled across this blog or are a follower you know how much I love a deal! The best deals are always in bulk, so I have hooked up with a wholesaler to bring you steals on bulk items.

Buying in bulk saves you time and money. Not only are you getting wholesale prices, but you are spending less time at the store and less money on items you would not have otherwise purchased. It is a frugal solution to buying the things we buy most frequently.

A lot of these items make great teacher gifts too, imagine how happy your childs' teacher would be to get a basket full of classroom goodies, and they save money since they routinely spend a ton of their own money year after year buying things for their students.

Birthday parties, family events, weddings, parties, stocking stuffers, gifts for friends and extended family. The possibilities are endless if you have it on hand.

This also applies to our business needs, we can stock up on office supplies or thank you gifts for clients at dirt cheap rates. You can buy in bulk, sell stuff at festivals or flea markets, or even flip them and sell them online.

If I were in your shoes, I would be wondering why eBay and why not Amazon?

Simply put, it's cheaper. My business is helping you to live and do business more frugally, and Amazon is not frugal for a small start-up.

We also donate 10% of our proceeds to Amnesty International, they work to end abuse, trafficking, violence against children and so much more.

Check out our eBay store!